The Wind is air that gets pushed around. It makes things sway like hair, trees, and clothes.

Yesterday I went to a race and it was super windy. I almost got blown over but luckily I didn’t! Let me give you some do’s and don’ts on what to do on a windy day.

Don’t wear a dress on a windy day unless you are planning to wear shorts, pants, or leggings under it. The wind can lift your dress up and people will see your underwear. #Embarrassing 🙂
Do wear a braid if you have long hair, If not you are in luck! Wear a braid because if you wear your hair out or in a ponytail it might blow in the face and you can’t SEE!!!
Don’t roller skate outside on a windy day because the wind can push your roller skates and you might bump into something!! #Injured
Thanks for listening to my post! Stay tuned for next time at Science N’ Fashion!!!