Welcome to my Blog (Science N’ Fashion)

This is the post excerpt.


Hi I’m Kiara Battle (Kiarajoi) :). I’m a 9 year old about to be 10 year old. I will post 1 story every month to keep you all entertained .I love science a lot and when I say a lot I mean a LOT!!! I also love fashion ;). I have so much clothes I could start a store :D. I love emojis. I play soccer and golf. I love art too. Last week I made a candle but, it was very messy :0. You can leave comments on what you liked about my post. And you can comment some ideas for my next posts. I love to talk and type so that’s why I started this blog. I hope you like my stories and my blog! 🙂 😦 😉 ;( 😀 ;D

Author: kiarajoi

My name is Kiara J. Battle (Kiarajoi). I am 10 years old and I love to write about Science N' Fashion.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog (Science N’ Fashion)”

  1. Hi Kiara, I am really happy to see you sharing your passion for writing about science and fashion with the world. I look forward to reading all your post. I know I will be inspired by your wonderful ideas and thoughts😀


  2. Hi Kiara congratulations on starting your blog I look forward to reading your future post. I love fashion and art too. Keep up the good work!


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