Fashion Hurts!

Have you ever wanted a crocodile purse or a pair snake shoes, I know a lot a people would because they look so hot but, in the animal world their a fashion not! Reptiles usually get killed for their luxurious skins.

The snake gets nailed to a tree and gets cut open to make your bags and shoes.

Alligator skins come from farmed animals who live in crowded tanks with smelly water. The animals are SHOT!!!!

Crocodiles get cut up by mallet or chisel for their spinal cords, which paralyzes them. #Sosad 😦

These animals are soon going to be endangered…so stop hurting the reptiles. What have they done to you? Think about!

Now that you know about the abuse that gets put into your retile bags and shoes, just try to get a normal pair of shoes and a normal but cheek bag.

I got my information for this post at @PETA


Author: kiarajoi

My name is Kiara J. Battle (Kiarajoi). I am 10 years old and I love to write about Science N' Fashion.

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